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Andrew began his Real Estate career in 2010 where he thrived from day one being awarded Rookie of the Year at Lugtons Real Estate.

That same year he also placed in the top 15 Salespeople after only twelve months in the industry.

From there Andrew moved to work as a Buyer Specialist alongside Ray Whites’ number Sales Person. During this time Andrew has gained a wide range of experience that has led to his success not only within the Real Estate industry, but sales, and customer focused roles as well.

Having an inside knowledge of the Real Estate industry, working with buyers and sellers,  Andrew saw an opportunity to provide a service to property owners where they are able to have more control over the sale process and as a result, saving them money which they can put back into their property journey.

In 2017,  Andrew began Sell Direct Real Estate; an online listing platform for people wanting to sell their properties.  Andrew wanted to offer an alternative to the traditional Real Estate process.  From there, two years later, he developed an addition to the business and began offering a Licensed Negotiation Service, providing sellers with a more hands on approach, similar to that of a traditional agency for those who required more support with the sale process. Andrew is always evolving to meet the needs of his clients and evolve the industry.

As well as Real Estate, Andrew knows about business. Having worked as a Business Banking Manager at The Bank Of New Zealand he understands the financial side of the operation as well.

Those who have used Andrews negotiation services say that Andrew  “knows his stuff” “is well informed” as well as “so easy to deal with” and “achieved a great result for us!” to name just a few…

Andrew keeps himself well informed and educated regarding current legislation, exchange rates, and all aspects relevant to the sale and purchase process. Dedicated to great results and a motivation to succeed means you will always get the best service with Andrew Wells.



Armed with a Business Degree, Frank’s interests and passion were always going to lead him to the Marketing & Promotions sector of the Business industry.

Having joined British Petroleum straight out of University, Frank discovered, purely by accident, that he had an interest and a flair for promoting products, via radio commercials, for known brands such as Coca-Cola and Budweiser. This exposure, coupled with his Marketing training at BP planted the seed for his chosen career path. In 2004 Frank was one of two initial founding partners who established VT-Solutions.com.

Starting from scratch and with virtually no staff, nor capital, VT-Solutions quickly grew, and continues to this day, to grow above expectations, and along the way has collected International awards from multinational firm IBM.

Therefore, with Frank’s background and over 14 years marketing experience, this will provide you with a sense of confidence, and faith, in his ability to market your own property effectively, and in a professional manner.


Marketing Manager

Having worked within the Real Estate industry for over 10 years Jessica has a deep understanding of the sale and purchase process.

Jess has worked in the Real Estate industry for over 10 years and has worked in multiple roles from receptionist to Licensed Real Estate Agent. With this experience she understands a listing from getting a property listed to getting it sold and making sure every party involved is kept up to date and informed.

She prides herself on making sure properties are managed in an organised fashion to ensure that a high level of service to all our clients is maintained. She relates well to everyone she meets, providing clients with an open, engaging and professional approach.

Jess is married with three children and lives in rural Waikato, she enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs and seeing our beautiful country.

Thinking of selling your home?

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