Sell Direct is New Zealand’s premium Private Sale company.
We provide homeowners all the tools and resources on how to sell privately WITHOUT using an agent.

Over the years  we have helped our clients save over $1,000.000 due to paying no commission! Imagine what you could do with an extra $25,000?? New Boat? Take the kids to Disneyland??

  • Who can sell their home privately?
  • What marketing do you need to sell privately?
  • Why sell your home privately?
  • When is best to sell your home privately?
  • Where do I access tool to sell privately?

How much does it cost to sell privately?These are all good question that many home owners are faced with when contemplating selling their properties.

Sell Direct offer 0% commission on all property sales which helps the home owners MAKE more money when selling as they are not having to fork out on ridiculous agent fees.

Sell Direct is a Private Sale real estate company which was formed as an alternative to the “traditional” sales method.

For those of you who have contemplated selling privately but need some more information hopefully these points will help point you in the right direction…

Anyone can sell their home privately. You don’t need any experience or skill all you need is top quality marketing and a Solicitor for then the offers start to come in!!

Sell Direct provide professional marketing includes all the tools you need to sell privately. These include the following;

  • An appraisal with Sell Direct (either over the phone, by Skype, or via email) to review the pricing strategy, property features and recent sales data in your area
  • Professional property photographs which show your home at its best
  • 3D floor plans – The buyers start to imagine themselves in your home – the most vital step towards achieving the price you are after
  • Trade Me Property “Feature” Listing
  • DIY Real Estate Property Listing
  • Property Listing
  • A custom made sign board with photos of your property, 120cm x 90 cm
  • Four Open Home pointers
  • High Quality Open Home brochures (50)
  • Open Home Register
  • Open Home Expressions of interest form
  • Just Listed DL cards (100) for letter box drops
  • Professionally written content for your Trade Me advert
  • Easy to follow sellers guide – outlining the best and most effective ways you can use to sell your home
  • FREE telephone support helping you through the negotiation process with tips and techniques to help achieve the maximum sale price for your home
  • Social media and online presence such as on Facebook
  • Access to established business relationships to help with the Sales Process
  • SOLD sticker

With a private sale you MAKE money! You also save the money you’d normally pay in agent commissions – usually around four per cent of your home’s sale price.

When a property is for sale by the owner, as the seller you handle the sale in the way that best fits your needs. Open homes and access to your home for viewing are completely at your discretion. You have the option to make your price more attractive and competitive, as you won’t be taking into account hefty real estate agent fees.

You have more flexibility in negotiating terms to suit you and the buyer. A privately arranged home sell puts the vendor and buyer into a direct relationship, offering transparency when working out the price, settlement date and any other conditions that apply.

As the home owner, you know what made you excited about the property when you bought it. This gives you the inside knowledge that is needed to excite your prospective buyers. You know better than any real estate agent how friendly the neighbours are the convenience of local public transport, the reputation of the local school and the sunniest spot in the house.

You make the sales decisions that work for you, rather than feeling pressured by an agent who has a vested interest in bringing you to a quick sale.

All Sell Direct listings are put on Trade me Property one on New Zealand’s leading property sites. We also list your home on DIY Real Estate and to achieve MAXIMUM exposure thus securing the best possible sale price!

Sell Direct will help you launch your property sale, getting it right first time. We’re the one-stop shop for everything you need to market your home yourself.
Our packages start from as little as $600 and include everything you need to sell your home yourself.

Regardless of whether you’re an experienced property trader or selling your first home, we will guide you through the process and provide a wide range of marketing options to suit all requirements and budgets, avoiding costly commissions along the way saving you thousands and making you even more!

Hopefully this has given you an insight as to how easy it is to sell your home privately and how Sell Direct can assist you with all the tools needed to sell privately make more money!

If you wish to talk in more detail please contact us on 027 728 7965 or

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