Sell Direct helps people all over New Zealand, from Auckland to Invercargill and everywhere in between by providing a truly independent New Zealand wide service.

With a private sale you MAKE money! You also save the money you’d normally pay in agent commissions – usually around four per cent of your home’s sale price. With real estate commission calculated as a percentage of the average house price, this amount could be between $15,000 and $20,000- not a bad non-taxable hourly rate!
When a property is for sale by the owner, as the seller you handle the sale in the way that best fits your needs. Open homes and access to your home for viewing are completely at your discretion. You have the option to make your price more attractive and competitive, as you won’t be taking into account hefty real estate agent fees.

You have more flexibility in negotiating terms to suit you and the buyer. A privately arranged home sell puts the vendor and buyer into a direct relationship, offering transparency when working out the price, settlement date and any other conditions that apply.

As the home owner, you know what made you excited about the property when you bought it. This gives you the inside knowledge that is needed to excite your prospective buyers. You know better than any real estate agent how friendly the neighbours are, the convenience of local public transport, the reputation of the local school and the sunniest spot in the house. You make the sales decisions that work for you, rather than feeling pressured by an agent who has a vested interest in bringing you to a quick sale.

Sell Direct will answers the questions home owners ask “How do I sell my home privately” With Sell Direct all the hard work has been done for you and the end result is a simple cost effective package enabling you to sell your home privately and pay 0% commission.

Private property sales play a large part in the New Zealand property market and are slowly growing as home owners are starting to realise they don’t need an agent to sell their property privately. When selling through Sell direct or Homesell you pay no commission on the sale. This way you make more money as there is no commission to pay.

Sell Direct will advise you on how to sell privately and can explain many reasons why to sell privately.
Selling without a real estate agent is easy and a lot more cost effective. All our properties will be listed on and We believe the more exposure the better the result when you complete a “for sale by owner” transaction.

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