Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.

What is Sell Direct?

Sell Direct is a private sale marketing company. We provide home owners with all the tools, resources and support to sell their home privately without the involvement of a real estate agent.

When did Sell Direct Start?

Sell Direct was established in 2016 by former real estate agent Andrew Wells (Director). After 5 years in the real estate industry Andrew wanted to implement a more cost-effective model to help people sell their homes. Prior to Sell Direct Andrew worked for The Bank of New Zealand as a Business Banker and Mortgage Advisor giving him a well rounded understanding of the full sales process.

What is our success rate?

To date Sell Direct has a 100% sell success rate. We have assisted homeowners throughout the country to save money by selling privately at 0% commission.

What If I need help?

The Sell Direct team is here to assist from the very first phone call, right through to the day the sold sticker goes up!

If you still wish to sell privately but lack confidence in the negotiation of the sale, we offer the additional service of a fully licensed professional negotiator to follow up potential buyers and negotiate on your behalf.

I’ve been told buyers don’t like Private Sales?

Times have changed, gone are the days where a car dealer was the only means of purchasing a car, now the online private sales market for cars is the largest in New Zealand. People are open to dealing with the seller direct.

Our success rate over the years proves the private sale market doesn’t put off buyers! In fact almost every buyer has commented on how much they enjoyed being able to get the information first hand from the owner, who better to answer questions about a home than the current owner? Our packages provide all the tools required to make it a simple and effective process for both the buyer and seller.

What websites do you advertise on?

We advertise on New Zealand’s largest and most popular website, Trade me Property.

Do you advertise on

No this website is owned by several larger real estate companies. It’s only for licensed real estate companies to advertise and doesn’t allow private sellers to advertise. HOWEVER, if a Professional Negotiation Package is purchased, we are able to list your property on this site FREE of charge.

Does selling Privately take up a lot of time?

The difference in time is insignificant in comparison to the $15,000-$35,000 in savings.

Whether you choose to sell privately or with an agent you will still need to tidy your home pre photos or open home inspections. You will still need to take calls, either from your agent or buyers. Whether you choose to hold open homes yourself or drive around the block for 45mins while the agent runs them it will all take up time, the real question is how much is the time saved with an agent costing you?

Why would I use Sell Direct when I can list my property on Trade me myself?

Sell Direct offers the systems and process to help maximise your sale price with top quality marketing and sales support. With our assistance, we can assure you don’t undersell your home by assisting you with negotiations or on-site Auctions to extract every dollar that your home is worth.

I’m ready to Sell Direct! What’s next?

The process from here is nice and easy!
  1. Call or email us! We will make a time that suits to visit you at your home or arrange a phone / skype call.

  2. Create an account, select the Marketing Package of your choice.

  3. Sell Directs marketing team will take care of all the photography and design work as well as writing your advertising scripts for you to view and approve.

  4. Go Live! Sit back and wait for the buyers to call! We will be available throughout the process for any questions or assistance you may need.

  5. Put up the “SOLD!” Sticker and celebrate with a glass of wine on us!

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