Every so often we come across a seller who is looking for a “quick sale.

The need to sell a home quickly can be influenced by a number of reasons such as a change in employment or work locations, financial obligations or goals, family requirements or due to an offer on another property.

Whatever the motivation, some feel that engaging the services of a real estate agent will help to achieve this and I am here to inform you that this is not necessarily the case and a real estate agent does not mean quick sale and maximum price.

I like to use the analogy of two red Toyotas, both the same age, and same kilometers traveled. One is listed for $9,995 through a dealer and the other is privately listed for $6,995.

How can the same car be $3,000 cheaper? The answer is simple, there is no commission payable on the private listing so the owners can price it for less. As it is priced cheaper than all its competition, it is likely to be sold first, giving the “quick sale”. The same can be applied to real estate. If the market value for your home was $500,000 and you priced this at $489,000, keeping in mind that you will be paying no commission, do you think you will sell before the agent listed home of $519,000? Yes, and you will walk away with more in your pocket because you wouldn’t have paid any commission.

Don’t be fooled, you can achieve amazing results with top quality marketing and support, saving yourself on average between $15,0000 – $35,000 when selling privately with Sell Direct.